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When I took GRA 617 during the summer it taught me how to be creative with design and visuals like photography. I have always had a passion for photography since I was little and taking this class will help me explore my creativity. I have always wanted to learn in how to create my own publication in case I wanted to create my own one day. I am excited for this class and here are some things that I learned from the class last year.

Lesson: 1

One thing is that I have to take my time, just like anything else. With design I have to take my time and it is going to take me a little more time to design things.I would look at something one day and say I like it but the next day I could look at it and maybe redesign it. I will have to do it over and that is the part of design.Using my time wisely and time management will help me in this class to make sure I will not panic at the last minute. Doing last minute work will not get a great design in the end.

Lesson to 2:

I will have to sketch out and draw things out. I have to get back in the habit of drawing and sketching things when I come up with an idea before I forget it. At least when I sketch or draw it out it will help me to come up with an idea in how I would like for my publication to look like.

Lesson 3:

I have to ask the professor for help when I am problem or if I am struggling with something. In the end it would be better for me to ask for help instead of trying to figure it out on my own.

Lesson 4:

I have to come up with a topic that I am passionate about so that I will not get bored with at the end. Having a good topic in my passion will help me come up with more ideas that would allow the magazine to have longevity after one issue.

Lesson 5:

I have to explore and get out of my comfort zone if I want to become a better designer. I have to think outside the box and I have to create something that has not been seen before. I have to create something that will make my publication stand out.



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  1. Very thorough response, Bianca. I’m looking forward to coming alongside you in this adventure.

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