Lessons Learned

Three pieces of advice:

  1. Be prepared to dedicate plenty of time to this class
    1. Just because there are spread out due dates and class once a week does not mean that you won’t be working on this class every single day. This class will take up 60-80% of your semester because design is extremely detailed, down to the spacing between every letter. So, you will need to allot most of your time for this class. It will be overwhelming, but the key is to start early.
    2. Always show your drafts to Professor Strong
      1. As a very experienced and successful designer, she will be able to point out areas you can improve on. Her keen eye will notice things that you would have never even thought of. She is always available to help you and this will help you create the best publication possible in the end. It will also save you from thinking your entirely finished and you really have SO much more left to do.
    3. Do your field notes right away.
      1.  As a college student, you’ll be tempted to do all your homework on a Sunday night and if you do, you’ll already have missed the deadline for your field notes. The easiest way to make sure you never forget to do them is to do the same day as your class. This way when the weekend comes, you don’t have to worry about it.

Three things I learned:

  1. Publications depend on design
    1. Until this class, I thought the art department wasn’t that important. Now, I see how much influence they have over the magazine. Without design, a magazine would be cluttered and crowded and make no sense. Design helps set hierarchy, organize everything and make a magazine unique. I now have a lot more respect for designers.
  2. It’s best to sketch before you design
    1. If you design before sketching, it will take a lot longer to get things done. Things won’t always turn out as great as you imagined in your head. Then you’ll have to design one thing over and over and over again until it finally looks like the way you pictured. On the other hand, if you sketch it first you’ll be able to see how it looks in real life without all the hard work of designing it. Once you have a finished sketch, you can be more productive with your time.
  3. Design is everywhere
    1. Taking this class was such an amazing decision. It taught me great designing skills and opened my eyes to how design is everywhere. It’s like math, but for the arts. I’m going to think about design with everything I do. It’s a challenging class, but the reward is long-term.