Metropolis – Colors

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 10.04.02 PMAs we spoke about last week, covers are much different from the interiors of magazines so as to attract a reader to that month’s crux of the publication. Above, you can see that there is no specific month-to-month color palette for Metropolis. The text color and images change…I don’t always agree with the design of the covers (as I mentioned before). This includes color choice and graphics.

All text inside Metropolis is traditionally black, except for overlay on section openers. I think the black is used to keep the design overall very sleek and chic. As it is a magazine about design, the focus should be, and is, on minimalism – bringing out the impact of the images and the well-written words themselves.

Below, you’ll see three cases where white emboldened text is used overlayed on images to indicate section heads or features. Still, the white is chic and does not detract from the image.

IMG_9994 IMG_9997


On the bottom right, the yellow, thin text fits with the tone of the article on sustainability and greening, or fixing, up the LA river.

Below are two images where Metropolis has chosen to focus heavily on text and use color changes to vary between the different meaning of the text. Teal vs. Black / Blue vs. Black

*Note, black is always involved somehow.