Metropolis – Furniture




Because Metropolis has a very sleek, minimalistic design, there aren’t a lot of superfluous design indicators that lead readers through the magazine. The following are pieces of the design repetition that I’ve noticed throughout each issue and that have helped me gain a sense of where I was in the magazine and what I was looking at.
IMG_0045Contributors – 
The contributors section is at the front of the book and always includes little blurbs about the writers. The design includes small, circle photos of them. I always recognize this when searching through the beginning pages.IMG_0055

Q&A: This portion always switches fonts so you can distinguish between the two texts.

IMG_0053Object Advertising: The object (chair) includes a number marker next to it which indicates its linkage to the description on the previous page.IMG_0052

Multi-Subhead Features: Some issues comes with one, extensive feature that must be broken down into sections. This feature on new design in Mexico City has six subheads.IMG_0051

Sponsored-Content: The special native advertising article is always coated in a different color with text that is slightly darker than that background color. In this case, it’s light blue with royal blue text. *This is key to letting the reader know that they are not reading something originally reported. I like that Metropolis color coats these pages because I don’t usually read them. I can easily skip right over something that is so obviously marked.IMG_0050

Tombstone: Each article, long or short, has its ending marked by Metropolis’s tombstone: M. Many magazines do this. Some include solid, black boxes. But this one is very graphically unique and appropriate.

IMG_0048Pull quotes: We’ve discussed this before but pull quotes always look like this and are in this font. It’s helpful for readers to be able to pick out major thoughts from each article using these.IMG_0046

Profiles: Each profile at the front of the book contains a circular image of the person being profiled.