Metropolis – Images

Full disclosure here: I need to go find and purchase the new Feb. 2015 issue of Metropolis. I am a subscriber, but they usually come into my mailbox very, very late. Also, it’s really hard to find Metropolis in regular bookstores. But I’ll try to have one for notes by next week.

IMG_9976 copy I personally love with Metropolis puts text over images that capture a landscape or scene as a whole. This is the product issue and you wouldn’t expect such a layout display to be shown, but this is a nice break from the other pages full of self-standing products against white space.

As you can see on the right page, Metropolis is using varying sizes of photographs and including text that equally matches up to the photos. It’s rather minimalistic. This is standard throughout the publication.

IMG_9978 copyIMG_9979 copy

I really like this four-page spread as well because the photos stand out so greatly. This is clearly in the well of magazine, indicating that of all the photo essays/articles we can read, we really need to pay attention to this. Big text, big photos, text overlay and a Q&A. This is a nice feature. IMG_9982

The same can be said for this spread. Although the main image is now a graphic, which will be carried throughout this section of short features on profiling experts (3), the design still stands out and draws in the reader.



IMG_9983Again, this is another case where Metropolis is starting a new feature called “Design Intersections” and has used a juxtaposition of color and full-page images to capture attention.




Left: Here is an example of a product page where text has been overplayed and the introduction to the section of products can be found in the upper left box and right bottom box. Right: This is an example of the product image overlay against white space. For selling purposes…