National Post: Color

In my opinion, the National Post uses color better than just about any other newspaper I’ve seen. In the case of it’s masthead, the Post has used color so successfully that yellow is, in a way, part of the paper’s signature.


The decision to use yellow in the paper’s nameplate is, I think, a very good one. It is attention-grabbing without being obnoxious. The shade of yellow is very similar to the shade used in caution tape, but the Post somehow avoids this correlation becoming kind of cheesy or over-the-top. Also, the paper does a good job of avoiding other bright colors on the front page the might compete with the nameplate of confuse the readers.

For headlines, the paper generally sticks with black type, with the exception of headlines/subheads that are sometimes white or another color in order to stand out against a color or photo background and attics that sometimes appear a little more creative and artsy than the rest of the page. There are, of course, some exceptions to this rule.


Subject headlines are written in an aqua blue color that compliments the yellow on the page very well. The blue seems to bring a bit of a modern touch to the paper. The shade of yellow kind of evokes a 1970s feel, but the blue balances the page well. It is subtle enough that it does not distract the audience, but bright enough that it is noticable from even a far distance


Heather Norris