New York Magazine – Color

New York mag gives a very classical feel through the use of traditional colors however doesn’t shy away from using bold and playful when the story needs it.

The name plate doesn’t have a set color. It keep on changing mostly oscillating between white and black but on occasion you would see it red and gray as well. The main headlines on cover are mostly black and white with a splatter of red here and there

The first spread for the features uses different colors complementing the pictures used – but it is usual to see white, black and red. Rest of the text is mostly black with a splash of red here and there – mostly used for highlighting important details.


20160229_235411 20160229_235423

NY mag uses visual cues from the main pages but mostly in a subtle way.

The color combinations used below is a little unusual for NY mag but it works because it goes well with the content of the story. In the next page the red color clearly connects it with the main pages. In the pages to follow the same colors are used but in a much subtle way.

20160229_221903 20160229_22191220160229_235523

In the below story- it’s a classical color combination for the text seen very commonly in NY mag – black and red. It really works well – not only highlighting important information but also providing visual cues from the front page.

Below is another example of creating harmony between the main page and rest of the pages by repeating colors from the illustration. If you see them side by side – you can clearly tell that they are different parts of the same story.

20160229_235608 20160229_235627 20160229_235653

I could not get my hands on the color guidelines for the magazine but here is the summary of my observation:

  • NY mag mostly use colored photography
  • Most body text is black with a hint of red here and there
  • Heds and Deks are mostly black – sometimes red, white or complementing the images or illustrations used.
  • Visual cues through color are given often but in a very subtle way.
  • Use of warm colors for photos.
  • Black is the most used color for body copy.