New York Magazine – Covers

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New York Magazine made a very bold statement last summer with its iconic Bill Cosby Cover – putting portraits of 35 women on the cover was not only bold for the message it conveyed but also very unconventional from a cover design perspective. The covers of  New York Magazine are serious and uses powerful images, design and text to make important political statements,political satire and provides social commentary. But you would also see a lot of lifestyle topics covered like food, health and city etc. Most of the times you will see at least one photo on the cover but there are a few only featuring type. The magazine uses that space very efficiently with well-crafted covers combining different visual elements to make a statement – nymag doesn’t hesitates to defy the convention.


Organization of Visual Elements and Text:


New York Magazine Cover

The magazine is putting headlines on the top of the logo – at times accommodating even seven headlines without cramping the space. All headlines are piled neatly in three rows and hierarchy is created through size, weight, color and style of the typeface. Putting headlines over logo also kind of divides the page very nicely – leaving room for visuals and white space on rest of the page. I think it works so well – as you will never see text crammed on the page.


If a photo is used on the cover you would almost never see text on both right and left side. I would say that it is an excellent use of space. Most of the times the text is flushed to the right – which is usually a HED and DEK from one story only. At instances, I have seen covers with type on the photo while there is plenty of white space both on the right and the left.



I think the above example the size of the picture says it all. It is a very bold concept and use of white space is very clever.  There are nine headlines in total but still there is tons of white space – because almost all of them are nicely tucked at the top of the page – above the logo.


Top: 0.5 inches

Right: 0.5 inches


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