New York Magazine – Furniture


Line or Bar:

This line or black bar element (highlighted in the pictures below) is a very important part of NY mag’s design. You will see it everywhere in different weights or styles.

I thinks this works really well because it is aesthetically pleasing design element which is also very functional. It is used to highlight or separate text or put an emphasis on a headline or an important piece of information.


20160304_193228 20160304_193339 20160304_193705 20160304_194136 20160304_194209 20160304_194239 20160304_194304


This black dot is used as a visual clue to mark an end to a story.


Square or Box:

This element is repeated on almost every page in the section called “Strategist”

It is used for caption, bylines, pull quotes etc. It works really well to highlight the important information.


20160304_193842 20160304_193834 20160304_193817 20160304_193735


Arrows are used repeatedly to mark start of a story or direct readers towards the information through this visual cue.


20160304_193123 20160304_193327 20160304_193439 20160304_193518 20160304_193533 20160304_194012