New York Magazine – Space, Field Notes

Format- New York Magazine is a bi-weekly publication focused on life, culture, style, and New York City.  It is  8 by 10 1/2″.  With around 100 pages per issue, the time of the year.  The varying pages based on the content at that point in time- is a good marketing strategy as well as editorial, by not putting a limit or having to fill blank pages – rather creating each issue solely on the content.








Grid: Grid wise – there are  6 columns almost every page, photos usually along with this grid- but can be altered based on the size of the photo. On a spread of 6 columns- they are 4 inches long each, across the page, with 1/2 inch margins. When it comes to the food section of this publication, the  1/2 margins are the same – but the columns are unclear. I hope to get more clarification on this topic. Given this style choice, the flow of the reader’s eye is still persistent and present. There are no issues on the topic of each section, and readability isn’t compromised.






Layout & White Space: The layout and white space on this issue are truly incredible- the concepts behind each spread are clear, bold and purposeful. The ‘Bastard’ text laying over the picture, with the white space as a type of border. The use of white space throughout the issue is prominent, with larger space around the photos, or pull quotes that are the heart of the verticals. The layouts, including the size of these qutoes, that go off the page, the photospreads and the balance between the mediums show the voice and tone of the magazine, as they highlight what is important using the layout as a great tool.




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  1. The text you call “bastard” is actually not bastard text at all. I think you’re referring to the “wrap” or “wrapped” text. Bastard text is text whose width does not adhere to the grid. This one seems to.

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