New York Magazine – Space


New York Magazine is a biweekly print magazine published by New York Media and reaches 1.8 million readers each week, according to their website – publishing 29 issues annually out of which 26 are biweekly issues and rest of them are special issues published covering a specific topic.

The magazine mainly focus on news events, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, food fashion and personalities from New York. In 2015, it won the ASME award for design, one of its magazine section and columns and commentary.



Physical Dimensions:

The columns are divided using black lines. The same line element is repeated with right and left margins. I think it’s a very smart way to utilize space because some of the pages especially features are text heavy and the lines not only serves as an aesthetic element but also arrange the content very efficiently.

20160130_17250420160130_172419 (1)


Number and width of columns of text:

Usually there are two columns but there are also pages with three columns

Width of Columns (two column/page):  Almost 3.5 inches

Width of Columns (three column/Page): 2.3 inches

Average Page Count:

The page count varies.

Two column pages without images: Almost 800

Three column pages without images: Almost 1200

Pages with images: Varies

Margin Size

Left margin: 0.06 inches

Right Margin: 0.07 inches

Top Margin: 0.06 inches

Bottom Margin: 0.10 inches

Width of gutters: 0.03 inches

Content Organization:

There are two pages dedicated for index and table of contents. First page with the three or four features and the second one for rest of the sections.

20160130_172230 20160130_172239

The magazine is usually divided into following sections:


3-4 features/issue (each feature taking 4-6 pages)

Intelligencer:  4 stories (2 pages each)

The Cut: Fashion pages featuring a designer having mostly photos and a little text (4 – 6 pages)

Strategist: Short one page packages (3-4 pages for the whole section)

The Culture Pages:  6- 7 short stories on Art, TV, Theater, Critics, to do Lists (almost 15 pages)

Layout and White Space:

There is a good mix of text heavy features vs photo stories and FOBs and fillers. The features are usually not longer than 6 pages. Some pages have almost 1200 words/per page without any white space at all but it is balanced out by the front pages designed with big picture and a lot of white space.  Lines have been used at margins and gutters to organize the text which also enhances the white space.