News Design: The New Republic

OK, so it’s not a print publication, but The New Republic just debuted a fantastic redesign of their website.

While this redesign appears on a screen rather than a page of paper, I think a lot of lessons from this redesign can be translated over into paper. Sure, the website looks nice but, above all else, it has been simplified.

Features like a bar along the top of the page that show readers how far along they are in the course of the story are not really paper-friendly, but the bottom line is helping the reader. As we begin to think about ways to inprove FrontPage Africa, we have to keep this primary goal in mind.

The great thing about news design is that it spans language and cultural barriers. Helping the audience receieve the message the newspaper is sending is something we can do from halfway around the world. In the end, it’s not about making the paper look like something you might see in an art museum or trying to do something that has neve been done before but, rather, it’s about simply helping the paper reach their audience by making things as simple and as practical as possible.

Heather Norris

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