Noelle & SND…

I had a really great time at SND.  It was really mind blowing to see how many design professionals looked forward to coming out to Syracuse (of all places) to judge so much amazing design work. There were a lot of things I learned about myself and about what I strive to become as a designer at the judging.

For one, I realized that I am not nearly as critical or particular as I thought I was prior to the judging. If the judging had been left to me, 90% of the entries probably would have gotten awards of excellence. The standard of design was just so hight that even the designs that the judges didn’t award were amazing.

Watching the judges and listening to their comments, I began to notice little things about each piece that I never would have realized otherwise. For example, the judges judged a piece about how much sugar an average American eats a day that I thought was pretty unspectacular compared to some of the other, more intricate and complicated pieces. But the judges pointed out that the designer had taken something that was done a million times and made it unique in a simple and effective way. This is a way of viewing graphics that I have yet to master and I’m going to try to value simplicity and effectiveness more in the future.

I realized that there is SO MUCH great design out there that I have never known about. For example, the newspaper Times of Oman ended up being one of my favorite designed papers and I’d never looked at it. I actually only learned about the paper’s existence in this class. So not only am I going to be looking out for that paper in the future, but I am going to start watching out for international newspapers in general because a lot of them seem to be a bit more adventurous than many of the poplar U.S. publications.

What I learned about news designers in general is that most of them are not amazing in every area of design. Some excel at illustration by hand, while some illustrate electronically and some excel at directing design. It was interesting to learn what each judge focused on mainly as a designer and how they work with other designers to create amazing designs.

Scavenger Hunt

funny Humor

I wasn’t able to get a picture of this entry at the judging (taken from SND site here) but I thought that this photo was an amazing way of using humor to get across how happy everyone was at the Sox game when they won. The cop raising his hands up cheering while – unbeknownst to him – someone’s legs were in the air, is just a hilarious, but wonderful, shot!

20140208_152920 Compelling Photo

This picture of a a man scuba diving and being surrounded by a school of fish was an amazing shot that compelled me to read the story.

20140209_182948 Bad Thinking

Even though I loved this piece, I felt that putting the poll results in the shape of a heart – while getting the point across – also made the data a little confusing to read.

20140209_131355 Innovative Thinking

I thought that the way Times of Oman got across the form of a woman’s body through the shape of the text was very innovative.

20140210_094811 A Facilitator Who Traveled Over 1000 Miles

This is Virginia. She travelled over 1000 miles from Mississippi with Dan Sanefski to participate in SND!

20140209_123812 Favorite Thing I Ate

This raspberry tart (I think that’s what it was) was DELICIOUS. I would have had two had they not been so sweet!

20140209_131610 Favorite Magazine Cover

I really liked this magazine cover because it was simple but very intricate and striking (because how many magazine covers do you see completely drawn out in chalk?).

washington post Favorite A1

This is another one I was unable to get a picture of (found it here). Maybe it’s because I learned from Tippi the process that went into creating this cover, but this cover really stuck with me! So glad Tippi got an award of excellence for this one!

20140209_131304 Favorite Photo Illustration

I love the television show Hannibal, so this illustration really struck me as amazing! It really got across the eeriness of the show and its characters as well.

20140208_112837 Favorite Foreign Newspaper

Die Zeit was my favorite foreign newspaper.It’s a sophisticated, but fun design. It follows standard newspaper trends, but manages to make them look fresh and fun.

20140209_182844 Trend I Noticed

I noticed that many publications were creating infographics that have the data wrapped around a shape. This technique could also be seen in The Love Poll design I posted for the “Bad Thinking” piece too.

20140209_100915 Best Headline

The headline “Smiles in the Sky” was clever to me not only because I love alliteration but because it really made me wonder what this article was about. When reading on, it was an article about new ways in which air travel companies are trying to promote that they are safe.

20140210_121341 Person I Spent the Most Time With

I spent the most time with Jennifer! We had a lot of fun talking about the designs and life!

20140209_145557 Iconic SND Scene

I feel like we’ll be seeing a lot of pictures of this iconic scene! This is a picture of the visual judges deliberating on potential medal winning pieces!

20140210_110843 Surrounded by Discarded Papers

Me (or my feet) surrounded by discarded newspapers!

Noelle Devoe