On looking in or looking away

“The way something is presented will define how you react to it.” – Neville Brody

One of my biggest pet peeves is reading a magazine, book or piece of paper that’s poorly designed. I realize that’s a bit hypocritical since I myself am not a master designer of all things that the universe reads, but good design can make all the difference in how you perceive information. I’ve always taken note of design that personally frustrates me (ex. SELF Magazine’s bright and busy interior layout, PEOPLE, and even certain covers of the Holy Bible). I’m not saying that all design has to particularly fit my needs and reflect my tastes, but I certainly am not goinb85200956686a8da793ec594a00934bfgtumblr_mipxmyCh7m1rf3udeo1_1280 to respond as well to, in my opinion, poorly designed publications when I am so clearly attracted to simple yet bold design as seen in magazines like SURFACE or Women’s Health. Even the way a book looks in the bookstore can change my opinion of buying it. The same goes for event posters and banners. If something is presented with an innovative and exciting design, then I’m more like to look into it, pay attention to what it’s really saying and possibly even do what it says. I often go to Pinterest to find these inspirations…see side panel. When designing something new, it’s important to always think about the viewer. How will they respond? What will they walk away thinking? Will they remember what you’ve communicated? You’re purpose is to carry the reader through the content. If you can’t do that – if you lose them somewhere along the way in crazy, thoughtless design – then you’ve failed. No matter what message a piece of design is communicating, if it is not presented in a way that’s appealing to my eye, I may just have to look away.