Photography, Virginian-Pilot

Photography is integral to the Virginian-Pilot’s design. The paper regularly runs a 5 or 6-column banner image on A1, with a teaser or main headline inside the image. The nameplate occasionally pops in there as well. They’re usually vibrant, saturated photos rich in color. Because of the width and placement at the top of the page, they are usually wide shots. But instances where a larger story, such as the one below, force the paper to run vertical images. The images tend to be active, and are coupled with short, punchy, colorful phrases.


The paper regularly puts type into the images, and there can be several images or figures on the same page. It also occasionally runs teaser photos in circles instead of a square, to add visual intrigue to the page.

On the cover, the images really do tell the story. They are crucial to the subject matter and the V-P puts a ton of visual weight into each image.

The section heads are very similar to A1, as Hampton Roads usually runs the same above the fold image as a teaser or introduction to a story.

Overall, photography is crucial to the Pilot’s design. The photos allow the paper to inject saturated color into the pages, giving it a colorful vibe and punchy appearance. The headline play with the photography works to tell a story within the photo, and the two work together to make the progressively-designed paper stand out.