Photography/Times of Oman

After today’s photography lecture, I’m a little disappointed in the Times of Oman’s use of photography. I feel that today’s issue, as well as past issues, use mostly lackluster photos. All except one are rectangles and, with the exception of a photo feature, they use 2-3 photos per page. The majority of photos used are straight on, one-column mug shots.

The Times of Oman does, however, do well with establishing hierarchy with photos. Carefully looking over the issue I could easily see that the main stories on each page were allotted a 3-column or wider photo. Less important stories are given a one to two column wide story. If a story is only accompanied by a mug, it is one-column wide.

The photos are mostly pretty dull, straight on shots. Most of them don’t even use the rule of thirds. Many of the  pictures are of cars, and people holding things or people in groups. The only place where photos get kind of interesting are in the sports and extra pages (sports have action, extra has layering and leading lines.)

Besides the photo feature, one story on the World page has a 6-column wide photo. It is one of the more visually interesting photos in the issue because it uses some of the elements we talked about in class today. It shows a moment with the horses splashing through water and ice and introducing color to an otherwise bland background. However, it still could have been more interesting if the photographer had used a more interesting angle or some of the other photo devices.


The photo feature does a good job of showing what it was supposed to show, which is Musandam, but I feel like the pictures get a little repetitive. All but one shows scenery and none of the photos are particularly spectacular. 

TO_photo feature

Up until now I praised the Times of Oman in every post and I still think they have a great sense of design. Their photography, however, needs some work.  

Kassie Brabaw