A word that was used quite frequently in our first News Design class was “intentional”.  I think that word is what really struck home with me regarding what News Design is all about.  It made me realize that the visuals and the way the content is displayed are just as important as the content itself.  The example Professor Strong used was how the meaning of the word BLOOD differs depending on if it is written in red or in pink/green.

Every minute detail is carefully thought out and intentionally crafted so that, in the end, the design reinforces the content in a way that words alone cannot.  From font to color to size, everything has its place in the design.  That fascinates me.

I also realized at the end of class that I have a very limited knowledge of News Design.  At least less than I thought I did.  The quiz we took left me baffled for the most part, especially on the first page where we were asked to define all the terms.  Hopefully I will be able to master those terms in this class.



  1. Don’t worry too much about that quiz. It will all make sense by the end … : )

    Meanwhile, please don’t forget to categorize and tag all your posts.

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