Reflection on Final Thoughts

Reading through the different comments from previous students, I could relate to a lot of what was said and in a way knew where they were coming from. I think having something like that, an advice post, is really helpful especially when getting familiar with a course like News Design.

Some of the advice that stood out for me were the ones that spoke of minimalist/simple designs, relation between the story and design, the purposefulness of design, sketching out the design, importance of photos, and contrast in elements.

Each of these comments stood out for a reason. Having worked a newspaper and being involved with page layout/design, I’ve come across so many of the same thoughts. The main thing that excites me so much about this course is that I get to work on design and templates from scratch. The newspaper I worked for had a set template, like all publications, but there were inconsistencies from time to time — which always came  up in the design meeting the next day. The head designer and art director always stressed on sketching before working on InDesign, and through the years I worked there, I realized how important that is.

I believe that design is extremely important and sticking to a framework is necessary to make readers familiar and comfortable with the publication. I really hope that I can try and build a character/personality for my publication through simple designs, clear correlation between story and layout , and feedback.


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  1. Simplicity, purpose and contrast are all key ingredients of great design. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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