Reflection Response

One particular blog post spoke so directly to my design personality, if you will, that it gave me the feeling that these are the exact three areas on which I must have top-of-mind awareness all semester long. This individual encourages us to challenge ourselves, something we hear so often we’ve nearly become numb to the meaning. It’s incredibly easy to go by the rulebook and shy away from trying something unorthodox when you have something mediocre, but if I choose this course of action, I won’t grow as a designer. Even if an idea seems ridiculous, I will try it and build off of it and see what happens. I imagine this is a great way to broaden what our mind views as attractive. In regards to having original ideas this blogger said, “…I think a lot of us expect to have them.” I’ve been guilty of this multiple times and this semester I want to stop that. We want to become the best but it can feel like to be the best we should naturally have these brilliant ideas. This advice was another healthy reminder that that’s not true. We must see what others greats have produced to ever be great ourselves. Finally, having another set of eyes digest your design and translate it back to you is something else I’ve hesitated from doing for fear of disappointment in something I feel strongly about. This blogger had similar struggles and suggests always asking for feedback; we only have one perspective but other perspectives are so valuable to optimizing our potential. I’ve put my trust in this graduate and plan on using this advice in my creative process.


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