Reflections: Help is a step away, but not for long

I am stoked about this class. I took this class because I thought it would be a breather from the rest of my courses. Upon reading the comments from other students and seeing the syllabus, I think I’m going to have to get into a different mindset. With that said, here are the two lessons I learned from last semester’s students.

Going to see Professor Strong

I am typically a very independent worker. I don’t really ask others for help and try to figure things out on my own. My professor last semester told me that it’s good I’m independent but I should be taking advantage of the help that is available. I was surprised by how many people gave this advice. I realize how valuable having professionals as professors. I hope to talk over my ideas and work with Professor Strong throughout the semester especially since I’m indecisive and always all over the place with my ideas.

Time management

I am someone who does things last minute. After the first day, I realized that this class requires a lot of time with having to do other assignments on top of the project. During boot camp, I learned that design takes time. One thing I read that I want to remember throughout the course is that when you are rushing it will show in your work. I really do want to make a professional looking publication that I’m proud of, so I hope to use my time wisely and really think this project through. My fear, also, is procrastinating going in to get help from Professor Strong. I can’t show up towards the end of the semester asking for help because it might be too late (something I tend to do).


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  1. I’m going to help you come see me, Nabiha. I’d like you to sign up for office hours right now, so we can discuss the status of your magazine and any questions you might have. πŸ™‚

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