Reflections: New to Design

I took a few variations of graphic design in undergrad. And I failed EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I managed to pass with a D my final semester, and I really think my professor just wanted me to graduate so I wouldn’t have to take the class with him again. I just didn’t get it. I initially learned Indesign on my own by practicing for the campus paper, but using it in a classroom setting made it way more confusing.

So, when I came to Newhouse this summer, and learned I would be taking design three days a week, eight hours a day, I was beyond nervous. But after I got the hang of things, I actually loved the class, which is why I’m taking it again this semester. I learned a lot, and I even finished the class with an A. Undergraduate Marissa was shocked. And relived. I proved to myself I could do it, I just had to work on things I was interested in. But the reflections blog post from last year’s class put things into perspective for this course too.


Don’t Get Stuck, Be Flexible

During the summer course, I would be dedicated to one idea and spend all week on it, only to be told to start over a few hours before deadline. I thought my ideas were just bad, so it was a little discouraging sometimes. But reading the blog post, I realized it happens to pretty much everyone. And while it helps to work on a subject your passionate about, it’s important to not get attached to a single design or idea. Things change, and that’s OK.


Sketch, Even if it’s Bad

I am terrible at drawing. TERRIBLE. But I did buy a sketchbook for this semester, and I’m willing to try again! I think even if the sketches aren’t great, it still opens your mind to more ideas, and those can always be translated on the computer, probably better than the actual sketches.




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  1. I’m glad to hear you’re willing and committed to sketching because that will make a huge difference. And here’s what else you’re going to do: you’re going to show me those sketches before you get too far, so you don’t end up having to change things dramatically at deadline, ok?

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