Restorative Design – Can It Save Us?

As global warming continues to strike, “restorative design” has become more and more of a popular term, and perhaps a pressing one at that. Restorative designs help produce better products (e.g. recyclable products) for humans to use, and help bring more awareness towards the fact that the natural world is connected to humanity rather than separated from it, which only makes humans begin to hold themselves more accountable for their environmental actions.

“‘Recycling is only a short-term solution,’ Mr. Farresin said. ‘There is definitely a need to produce less.’ More electronic products should be built to last with replaceable components, his display argues. ‘We often talk about the positive impact design can have,’ Mr. Farresin said. ‘But we should also remember the terrible impact that design has every day.'” (The End Is Nigh. Can Design Save Us? para. 16)

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