Rolling Stone: Image

For each publication of Rolling Stone the magazine utilizes both photography and illustration  throughout. All of the photos are very active and are taken in a close/medium range to show intimacy and draw the eye into the story. It is rare to see a wide shot image taken and only occasionally happens on feature stories, but for the most part any wide images are accompanied with more intimate ones that are not at the forefront of the text.

Images throughout are also rectangular and do not have an outline to make them seem as if they just blend into the page. In other sections you will see images of individuals cut out and be prominently featured because of the white space that surrounds them. These stories are typical when the individual is the story and is common in Q&A segments.

In terms of how many photos are used per story the majority of sections only have one image but the features tend to have multiple to serve as breaks for the reader and introduce other elements of the story.

When it comes to the use of illustrations Rolling Stone only tends to do this in their review section and for their head image of national/political stories. By doing this it really helps the magazine craft a narrative for political stories that can be complicated but really draw the reader in to make the topic comprehensible