Rolling Stone- Typography

The logo for Rolling Stone was specifically designed for the magazine but closely mirrors the typeface Royal Acidbath. The typeface design used on the front covers of the magazine differs based on the issue and the content. For the December 18, 2014 issue, the designer used a slab serif for the headlines, diversifying them by color, size and weight. The designer also chose a serif font different from the rest of the page to write “Seth Rogen,” the celebrity on the cover. This promotes the hierarchy of the content.IMG_0883

Although I was unable to identify the specific typeface used within the magazine body copy, it is a consistent serif font throughout. The copy is clean and unobtrusive to the eye. It does not draw a lot of attention but communicates the idea of authenticity and truth- necessary for media that provides truthful information to the public. IMG_0884

Rolling Stone uses the fonts on their front cover throughout the issue as well. It unifies the content and helps the reader flow throughout the magazine. IMG_0885

The feature articles in the magazine are awarded their own typeface choices for the titles. This helps separate the new, important content of the magazine from the general stories/content. For the article “XCX Marks the Spot” they chose a large, bold, san serif font in black. It fills most of the page and reflects the modernity and boldness of the artist discussed. Opposite to this article is one titled “Afghanistan: The Making of a Narco State.” This article is more serious than the latter and the title reflects this, with a respectful serif font placed in the white space of the photograph. IMG_0887IMG_0886