Santanna: Blog Assignment 1

One thing that stood out to me during our first class was that all design is connected. I have been reading newspapers and magazines all of my life and always put them into two very distinct categories. Newspapers are word-based, on thin paper, colorless for the most part. They are read for the information and less for the entertainment; before I became a journalist I would find the idea of someone reading a newspaper for pleasure to be strange.

Magazines, on the other hand, are colorful. They are printed on glossy paper that feels nice in your hand, and magazines are read to pass the time and to share with others.

While these two mediums for delivering the news seem drastically different on the surface, they are connected through similar design theories. Gestalt principles of size, color and shape apply to newspapers and magazines (and online too, since I am an MNO student after all) alike. Clean design is important in all cases, and regardless of the medium, each news source has their own identity that is demonstrated through design. The main goal for both is to deliver the content to the reader in the simplest way possible and in such a manner that will leave them coming back for more.