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  1. Joanna … You seem to be confused on a couple of matters, but overall you have good observations. Don’t you just LOVE this paper?

    A couple of additional notes:
    • “nameplate special section titles” … these are section flags.
    • “it is easier to notice a bulleted list rather than paragraphs.” … good observation.
    • “A section flag is a label for anything that is reoccurring on a regular basis in the paper.” … This is not correct. Section flags only label the major sections of a publication, ie, sports, business, lifestyle, news. … What you point out in the example is more of a logo for a recurring feature.
    • “A credit line is the name of a photo’s photographer.” … and illustrator/artist for illustrations and information graphics.
    • “two well known authors have their picture and underneath that is their name in a matching typeface color” … my guess is that these are more like column logos and not bylines.

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