Sketch It Out

When it comes to design programs, I have enough experience to get by. I never thought I’d enjoy myself in the summer boot camp graphics class as much as I did –  which led me here. After that course, my new love for design flooded my current love for aesthetics.

The previous students seemed to emphasize taking your time as a designer to plan it out. Every design aspect has reasoning, and I have to be ready to explain it.

Sketching is so so SO important, which I’ve always loved – I am excited to rekindle my lust with the sketchbook aisle at Michaels.

The best piece of advice I think reigns true for every class is to walk away if you need a break. I feel as if this is extremely important in design, especially when you’re staring at something for a long period of time. New inspiration can come from a walk or a cup of tea and some time away from the screen.

With all of the tips and tricks from last semester’s students – It makes me excited to push myself in a new way and learning about the depth and significance of each element.

xoxo jo