SND and Angela: What I Learned This Weekend

I wasn’t as lucky as other classmates to experience the whole weekend at SND 35, but the last day at Drumlins gave me a different insight to design and interactivity. I was with the features team and helped with the judging of a new category at SND: combined print-online design. I had the opportunity to look through the winning National Geographic issues, and watch the judges be completely amazed by the work they saw in the iPad version of the magazine. I was blown away.

There were four entries in the category; each one just got me hooked and I wanted to keep reading. A lot of publications are building their online versions, but I think National Geographic is far ahead in this race. Their design and content is consistent, both on the print and online versions. Special stories/packages for the New York Times always impress me, as well. There are so many that stand out when I think about NYT packages online, especially ones like the homelessness one. I had seen this package beautifully presented online with large captivating photographs, and hadn’t seen the print version of it. At SND, the print version of the story got a lot of attention too. I learned that a story depends a lot on its visual elements and I feel that this could make or break any story. I noticed how most of the winning designs had clear and strong visual elements.

I thought I was a minority in being amazed by the iPad edition of the National Geographic magazine, but I wasn’t alone. I was surprised when one of the judges just couldn’t get over this new medium of dispersing news and the innovative designs used in the process. The scale of some of the packages that I saw were overwhelming and the thought of thinking (and organizing) a package like that kind of scared me. I can’t imagine the amount of organization, work and time that must’ve been invested in a project of that scale.

1. Humor: It’s not a cover, but I just thought the amount of post-its we used during the online-print judge was quite funny. “Mark everything!”



2. Most Compelling Photo: ‘The Jockey’ (interactive online article) or ‘Born to Ride’ (print version) has really good photos, all covering the different aspects of the story. I thought it was really well documented.



3. Bad Thinking:


4. Innovative Thinking:


5. A judge or facilitator who traveled more than 1000 miles to be here: Facilitator Virginia from Mississippi. We rode in the same car together on Monday.



6. Favorite Food: I loved the bread and the mac & cheese



7. Best Magazine Cover: I really enjoy looking at graffiti-styled art, so I thought that this cover was really nice. The chalkboard effect (with the different types) really added a different feel to this magazine cover.



8. Best A1:


9. Photo Illustration: 



10. Favorite Foreign Language Page/Paper:

IMG_9726 IMG_9725


11. A Trend: Large visual elements



12. Best Headline:


13. Hang-out Buddy: My fellow AJ, Nick Schmeidicker



14. Iconic SND Scene:



15.Paper Pile: