SND and Rawan

I wish I had gotten to spend more time at SND, but from what I gleaned, it was a great event with some passionate, driven, and enthusiastic people. From the symposium on Friday, I learned about revelations in news design, as well as more about the news industry worldwide and where it is heading. I was excited to hear young people talk about how they broke into the industry without really planning to, and about how it is rewarding, while simultaneously being hectic. I don’t know what I want to do in the future yet, but I am glad to know that I can potentially break into the design industry.


At SND, I helped a judge with the voting process by writing down his “yes” or “no” votes as he reviewed folders of print newspapers while comparing them to the digital versions. I was surprised at which newspapers he voted “yes” and which ones he voted “no”, because I found many of the newspapers to be aesthetically pleasing and well-designed, but he seemed to find them terrible. It just goes to show that news design is so subjective, and that years of experience in dealing with design can help expose more weaknesses in it. I also learned that the digital and print formats of a newspaper must be cohesive, and that if one is weak, both fail. This is definitely a new requirement in the newspaper industry as we move into the digital age, and as more people seek out news online. The judge also seemed frustrated with any design that wasn’t straightforward, which indicates that complicated design is not effective design; the purpose of design is ultimately to be clean and user-friendly.


SND taught me that building connections within the design industry is important, and that many designers are visionaries, even if they get less credit than they deserve. The newspaper design industry is rapidly evolving and requires a person to quickly adapt to changes, but that’s probably why so much creativity emerges within it.


The scavenger hunt:


2. Compelling photo: The image on the lower right is a cool way to depict a “colorful” look at an LGBT film festival.


3. Bad Thinking: The judge I worked with found this Times of Oman ball really frustrating to interact with.


4. Innovative thinking: This is really cool and well designed.


6. Favorite thing you ate: These muffins for breakfast were great.


7. Best magazine cover or A1 you saw: This cover is so clean and interesting to look at.


9. Awesome photo illustration: this is gorgeous and bold.


10. Favorite foreign language page or paper: simple, but really cool to look at.


12. Best headline: The Leaning lady of Italy


14. Iconic SND Scene:


15. You surrounded by discarded papers: