SND & Mellanie Perez

I was pleasantly surprised to learn as much as I did during my limited time at SND. Going into it, I though we were just going to be running around cleaning and assisting judges, but I never knew I’d network as much, or learn as much from the judges themselves. It was a fun experience, to say the least, and I left wishing I’d had more time to attend.

One of the most surprising things was seeing how much care and thought goes into the design of every page. I was in visual, so most design had to do with the placement/use of photography or graphics, but it still gave me a clear view into how much thought and skill the successful execution of a spread required. My most favorite thing to watch was the medal discussions. They reminded me a lot of when I took photography classes and we’d have big critiques where we’d discuss each other’s process and thoughts. Those sure helped me take a look into the minds of the judges and really understanding exactly what they look for, and consequently, what makes a design good or bad.

I didn’t take any designs with me, but I’d frequently stop and read articles when I could because some of the topics covered were fantastic. Also, I got a glimpse into many international publications that I’d otherwise never know about.

All in all, I loved helping out, and I’m happy about the connections I made. I talked to people from different companies and I feel more comfortable about going up to someone and talking about our careers. I hope we could get another opportunity like this!