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I found that news design in general is much more creative and innovative than I ever imagined it could be. Before this class I thought of news design as a lot of text and black and white photographs, but there is a lot more that is put into the design that will tell a story well. I learned that I can happily nap on a huge pile of magazines. Just kidding (or not). The most interesting conversation was during the judging of a piece by The Guardian about Snowden. It was awarded a gold medal, because it presented so much information, but in a captivating way with whimsical illustrations. One judge said, “Print will die if we let it, but things like this mean that print won’t die.” This piece would not have been as impressive if it had been just posted on the internet, which speaks to why there is still power in print. Winning pages, specifically gold winners, always had very consistent design elements, good spacing, unexpected/unusual photographs, and well spaced out pages. What was interesting to me was how the judges really looked at the effect of a whole piece. Some spreads were not given awards, though the judges found some of the pages to be very innovative, others were distracting or halted the flow of the piece.

As a magazine major I was particularly excited to see the magazine entries. The judges, however did not seem as impressed. I think it was partially because many of the entries were from lifestyle magazines, and though they can tell news, many of them did not fit into the traditional, more hard hitting news we had been seeing that day. Very few awards have been handed out so far. One judge said he was pretty disappointed so far. He thought that many of the magazines looked like catalogs and lacked strong journalism, which I found to be a concerning observation. Overall I was surprised at how much color was used even in pieces covering more serious topics.




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Most Compelling Photo

compelling pic

Bad Thinking


Innovative Thinking


Judge that traveled more than 1,000 miles



He is from Denmark.

Favorite food

fav food

Best Mag Cover

mag cover

Best A1


Photo Illustration


Favorite foreign language paper


Times of Oman



Lots of color!

Best Headline


Translation: I am an 8 year old boy. At school I’m bullied by calling names, pushing, tossing in dirt puddles, beating, kicking and not taking me along to play. Once I was pushed down the hill and I got cut in my head. I am afraid of bullying. I would like to have friends at school so that I would not have to be alone.

Iconic SND scene





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