SND & Summer Schneider

Attending the symposium on Friday was one of the most beneficial design sessions I have experienced. I was unaware that the design director of Rolling Stone magazine would be speaking. His discussion about design in a cut-throat industry like music and magazines was fascinating. He spoke about minor details within the magazine that connect issue to issue, and communicate to the reader whether they are aware of the detail or not. One of these was the oxford rule box that is utilized in each article. Some have the traditional lines and for others the idea of the double line is expressed through different means (for example, two paint strokes). Hearing about the creativity within limits of a print magazine was inspiring for my own work both within publication design and within advertising.

I am thrilled to have had the chance to hear from some of the industry’s greatest designers and see the work they have created. Design means more when the decisions behind it are made apparent. It was helpful to hear why some designs were chosen over others and I hope this knowledge will carry through when I begin to design my own work.