WIRED | Field Notes | Images

WIRED isn’t just a science magazine — it’s a magazine about innovation and technology that hinges on the wonder behind science-fiction. The visual identity of WIRED is constructed to reflect this enduring, tech-focused spirit. Usually, when the images are photographs,… Continue Reading

WIRED | Field Notes | Furniture

If you were house-hunting and happened to walk into WIRED, you’d pick up immediatelyon the quirky-meets-sophisticated home decor anchoring WIRED’s look. For starters, there are cutesy dingbats marking illustrator and photographer credits at the bottom of stories. Numbers (and even… Continue Reading

WIRED | Field Notes | Language + Typography

Featured image by Raphael Schiller from Unsplash.com As a whole, WIRED’s textual aesthetic is sophisticated. I believe WIRED maintains this aesthetic in its typefaces, both serif and sans serif, to counter the unusual content, vivid language and overall fantastical tone contained… Continue Reading