Tanya G. – What you need to know before starting the rollercoaster ride in Publication Design

Hello all to the next generation of publication design class. You’re in for an adventurous ride, and by adventurous I mean don’t be afraid to explore, and that’s the first advice i’m going to give.


1.) Don’t be afraid to explore. Try the most bizarre idea you got, because you might end up having one of the best design you’ve ever made.

2.) Don’t wait till last minute. Design is time-consuming. You can’t get it done within the first try. You have to re-design till your work shout out “holla look who’s a graphic designer now.”

3.) The first design is never the one, no matter how great you think it is. Change is inevitable, just like life, so is in design.


What I’ve learned about Publication Design

1.) It’s more than just putting photos and texts together. A lot of considerations must be made for a sophisticated design. It’s all about the layouts, typography, spacings, colors and so much more that you’ll get to learn in the forthcoming semester.

2.) I learned that there’s a lot of consideration going on for designing a publication. There are many factors to think about. Not in terms of just the layouts and all, but also about branding and how to sell the piece.

3.) Publication Design lessons can be used in real life. Time management, trial and improvement and never give up.

Enjoy the class! It will be a rollercoaster ride but you will have your own book or magazine printed out and hold on at the end. And let me tell you, that feeling is beyond satisfying!

Tanya Monthakarntivong