The Basics of London’s Guardian

Nameplate: The name of a newspaper as it’s displayed on Page One; also called a flag

Teaser or promo: An eye-catching graphic element, on Page One or section fronts, that promotes an item inside

Rule: A printing term for a straight line; usually produced with a roll of border tape

Sidebar: A small story accompanying a bigger story on the same topic

Refer: A line or paragraph, often given graphic treatment, referring to a related story elsewhere in the paper


Cutline: A line or block of type providing descriptive information about a photo

Sig: A small standing head that labels a regularly appearing column or feature

Byline/Credit line: The reporter’s name, usually at the beginning of a story

Reverse: A printing technique that creates white type on a dark background; also called a dropout

Screen: A pattern of tiny dots used to create gray areas; to screen a photo is to turn it into a halftone

Folios: Type at the top of an inside page giving the newspaper’s name, date and page number

Jumpline: Type telling the reader that a story is continued from another page


Wraps/skews: Text that wraps around an image

Sidebars: A small story accompanying a bigger story on the same topic

Pull quotes: A graphic treatment of a quotation taken from a story, often using bold or italic type, rules or screens