The Future. What’s Next?

It seems like in the grand scheme of things, the US is actually falling behind in innovative newspaper design. When I was searching for newspaper design trends, many of the newer designs were of oversea newspapers. I then found an article that basically identified why. The Nieman Journalism Lab goes on to describe how American newspapers are ‘afraid’ to try anything new. Though the interview was conducted a year or two ago, the article notices that overseas newspapers are more adventurous with their design. Are we falling behind?

When looking into what’s next for news design, my mind immediately went to the way the tablet has effected the way consumers view their information. I found an article on Pentagram that basically listed the five ways the iPad will alter magazine design. I know we were looking for news design, but I think the same principles apply. The article notices how designers will have to adapt to make magazines (and newspapers) more rich, and user friendly.

I love the design of the Hartford Courant. The design is very clean and easy on the eyes, unlike most front pages of newspapers. I also like the use of the white space.

I stumbled upon this newspaper spread while looking for design samples. I think the use of graphics, type, and photos work together to create a great spread. I also like how the design is actually a spread, instead of a single page or side bar.


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  1. You’re right on about the Courant, Julissa. It’s gorgeous.

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