The Guardian:: Color

This publication is practically a coloring book. Every hue from infrared to ultraviolet are here.
There are multiple shades of blue in the promos and in the nameplate.

We got colored dingbats:

The only place without color seems to be the body copy.

Color in the Guardian is definitely used to call attention. The promos, especially above the fold are consistently saturated with color.

The effect of this heavy use of color commonly, is that you get lost in the hierarchy. The eye is over stimulated and blinded with the brightness of A1. Also, occasionally, there are large, outrageous color photos on the front page. This past week there was one from fashion week (below).

The use of color brings youth to the appearance of the Guardian. It’s aging but fashionable audience will continue to be reviailized visually and intellectually with a daily helping of the Guardian.