Time Magazine- Images

Time magazine uses a lot of photographs, and they are usually in a photojournalism style. They tend to nicely complement the various news stories in the magazine, and they are often wide or medium shots. The photographs feature people from different places, in diverse sceneries, and many of them are quite emotional.

IMG_8049 IMG_8043

There are many beautiful landscape shots, with vivid colors. The photographs tend to be serious on the whole, and feature a lot of active subjects who are doing important things.



The magazine uses many images that are merely profile shots of people. The photographs are mostly rectangular, but some “cut out” style photos are used as well.


Time often features graphic images, mainly infographics, and the style is usually modern and simplistic, which fits in with the general theme of the magazine. This is suitable because its a news magazine, and the infographics help break down complex information for a reader. There are usually comprised of few colors.


There are also some graphic images, but they are used less frequently. They tend to be quite small.


Every story- and almost every page- of the magazine features some kind of image, so they are frequently used. The longer feature stories tend to have 2-3 photos, and sometimes feature an infographic. The shorter feature stories have 1-2 images, or an infographic. Images are extremely important to a magazine like Time, which strives to brief readers on major events and news from around the world. The photojournalism style photographs capture pivotal moments in history and tell a wide range of stories, and the graphics help the reader understand the statistics and numbers behind various issues. The style is clean and simplistic, on the whole, fitting in with Time magazine’s brand identity.