As far as I can tell, the Times of Oman uses three different typefaces. One typeface is used only for the nameplate and for design elements in each section head. I’m not sure if it could be classified as a script, but that is the closest category of type I know to this one. It is ornate and traditional of many newspaper nameplates. Because it looks similar to many well-established newspapers (like the New York Times) it works well in creating a sense of trustworthiness for the Times of Oman. I feel that they chose this typeface as their major branding tool for this reason.

nameplate type


Underneath the ornate “Times” in the nameplate is a much more simple serif typeface that the publication uses for the majority of it’s copy. The Times of Oman uses this typeface, the name of which I could not find, for most of its headlines, its body copy, its section heads, and its folio. Using one typeface for almost 90 percent of the newspaper may seem as if it would make the design one-note, boring. But they change it up with different sizes and weights in a way that establishes a good hierarchy. It makes the paper feel clean and professional. This typeface has a large x-height which makes it a very readable type for body copy. Using a serif creates lines that help readers follow along, also aiding with readability.

small headline textbylinebody copy


Now that I post pictures, I’m wondering if it actually is the same typeface. I’m noticing small differences in the ‘s’ the ‘h’ and the ‘m’. If it is a different typeface, it is so close that I had to look at it separately and close up to notice. So if the Times of Oman chose a fourth typeface for small things like bylines and body copy, they chose one that would look similar to the typeface they use for larger things. That way they are able to keep consistency.

The third typeface I initially noticed was one they use for the main story on each page. Putting a screenshot through mytype.com’s What the Font generator told me that this typeface is Caslon. They use it only once on every page. It is the largest and most bold type on the page which indicated to readers that the story with this typeface in its headline is the most important story. Although it is noticably different, caslon is still similar to all other typefaces that the Times of Oman uses and therefore keeps the publication’s consistent modern, professional feel.

Main headline type

Kassie Brabaw