Typography Field Notes – NYMag

Let’s start with the logo –  New York Magazine’s logo is custom, illustrated & timeless – very 18th century feel.

For most hed’s and dek’s, NYMag uses the typeface Miller, which is a serif typeface with a look similar to those of newspapers.

The size of the main typefaces on the cover mixed with photography and illustration isn’t too overwhelming. It is always interesting to see which cover’s the designer’s choice to make the nameplate in front of the picture or illustration or having it placed behind.


When it comes to the feature stories and body copy – the magazine definitely takes risks. They seem to remain within the same font family, with different weights and hues.

Image result for egyptian bold extended

Each time the bold type is used, whether it’s for a hed, pull quote, or subhead – its used for more important parts of the story on the page. Its meant to stand out, quite like most heds, pull quotes, etc are.

When it comes to creating a new paragraph, the designer doesn’t hesitate to bold the first letter. Something I wouldn’t think would happen is the bright red that was chosen. However it seems like the designer wants the reader to be shocked here and there- but not in the ways you think. Sticking with the same font family throughout the issue is expected, but bright colors, like beginning a new paragraph or title – against a black and white which seems uncharacteristic compared to previous issues.