Vanity Fair – Language

Vanity Fair uses language that  caters to the elite and the intellectual. Their readers are mostly successful, educated women, so they use academic language while still having some wit and irony to it.

Their title’s are usually 2-5 word ways to describe the article. I personally don’t think their titles are that good, they’re pretty bland. For example, for an article about the Europe’s tragedies lately, they titled it “War For Europe.” That doesn’t necessarily grab my attention that much. However, I think the deks are always powerful because of the academic language they use to give a summary on an article about something ordinary, like podcasts. The language they use is always pretty academic, something completely opposite from the language in Cosmo, for example.




For the tablet, they don’t use pull-quotes, which I think is a good strategy because it would feel like a big interruption to the story flow. However, they do use sub-heds and divides within the article. I think this is a good strategy because it helps to break up and organize the story better.

IMG_4631 IMG_4630

The credit lines are pretty straight forward, which I think is the usual and best approach because you don’t want to take too much focus away from the actual story.

VF always has captions for their pictures. The make sure to use direct, straight-forward language to say what the picture is of in one sentence. They make sure to provide what they think are the most necessary details to know about the picture such as, date, location, people’s names, etc. I think this is a good strategy because anything else we need to know about the topic of the picture should be given within the story.



Overall, VF is known for it’s intellectual language that dives into important topics. I’m not that fond of their headlines, but the language they use within their stories makes up for it. They know how to investigate deep into rare topics and give us the facts in a compelling way that makes the magazine well-respected. I think VF might be known more for its illustrations and photographs that provoke thought and tell news. But, that can be saved for another Field Note.