Victoria R: Furniture

The first editorial page features information regarding the volume and issue number, which is not indicated on the cover. Its consistently placed under the tagline and contents heading. Furthermore, the pipe character that splits contents and the month is red, which reflects the consistent use of the highlight color throughout.

The folio, which includes the page number, issue date, and the nameplate, is placed near the bottom outside margins of every page. The page number is a bold sans-serif while the issue date and nameplate are smaller serifs. The change in hierarchy guarantees that readers will find the page numbers first.

On every section but features, the publication uses a heavy,black line/rule at the bottom and a thin,black line/rule at the top. In order to help readers find features, it removes these indicators. Not only does the absence of the rule distinguish features from the other sections, but it also grants space for more body copy.

Without the rule

With the rule

Then, to signify the end of an article, the publication inserts a small, red box. Each box has an “A” inside, styled as the nameplate.