The Globe’s website is pretty much what I expected it to be. I didn’t think it would be anything innovative or too clean. It is just a typical newspaper website. It does make use of same red that is in the print editions. So, there is a unity that is felt between platforms. The same nameplate also appears on upper left corner of the site, where it does in the paper.

However, there is disjunction when it comes to the tabs just below the nameplate. There is a color that is designated to each section of the news, which doesn’t appear in the print edition. However, I like that they color-coded each section. I think they should do it for print. This website looks so much more colorful and playful than the newspaper. Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 12.30.11 PM

Looking at a subsequent section, “Life,” it is pretty much the same set as the front page except with just a different color scheme, which pertains to the “Life” section. Clicking on all the other sections, they follow the same format, which makes everything feel unified and clear.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 12.53.39 PM


The typography on the website is clear and easy to read. It is mostly in bold, which I think makes it less clear, but it’s not unbearable. Once you click on a specific article, the type goes to normal. The layout is in a clear grid format which makes things always expected which is good for a website.

Pictures are used well here. There is usually one picture for the main headline in the upper left corner and then smaller ones to go with lesser stories. However, a lot of the pictures could be more interesting. Most of the ones they have are head shots of people.

Overall, I think the design goes well with the printed product. Although, I wouldn’t call it innovative or spectacular.

Lauren Boudreau