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Last week, I came across a few tweets of Mario Garcia and his talk at Columbia University. I went on to read some of his blog posts on design and the talk he gave at the university; one really caught my eye: on embracing change in the industry. Garcia has been a big name in the industry for decades and he’s even been a professor at Syracuse University. I got to know about him after he helped redesign Hindustan Times (India), one among many publications he’s helped redesign helping them to adapt to changing times. In the post, he writes how important it is to talk about/promote change and how he thinks graduates should be introduced to the concept of change before they enter the “real world”. The redesigning of Hindustan Times helped it in many ways. The look was totally changed — from fonts, color schemes, slugs, style sheets to packaging. It was a drastic change and it redefined a lot of things of the publication. I think innovative design (that keeps in mind the audience and their goals) adapting it with changing times and design concepts is important and this article made me think a lot about it.


Al Jazeera recently interviewed New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson. The interview covered many topics including the future of print. For me, print will always be relevant and we won’t see it die out any time soon. And, that’s what Abramson said as well. Her saying that gives me a lot of hope. I’ve grown up reading print, and I’m still getting used to getting news online (I still pick up a copy from the newsstand at Newhouse).


HT MINI (India): It started off as a free newspaper (for metro riders) that started two years ago. It’s last day of print was today, January 26, 2014. I really liked the design and the concept of having something that you could read during a short train ride to work. The goal was to have a tabloid sort of paper that gave you a comprehensive (and quick) coverage of news.

PressReader - Hindustan Times Mini - 29 Nov 2013 - Page #1.pdf-page-001 PressReader - Hindustan Times Mini - 29 Nov 2013 - Page #2.pdf-page-001


AFTENPOSTEN (Norway): I really like the clean layout and the different elements of this newspaper. They’re not very conventional styles (at least for me) — the dimensions of the photos and the two-page spread of photos. The simple minimalist design is really appealing to me, and I’d love to produce something like it.

PressReader - Aftenposten - 26 Jan 2014 - Page #1.pdf-page-001 PressReader - Aftenposten - 26 Jan 2014 - Page #6.pdf-page-001


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