What’s Next?


FontShop International has released the newest version of FontBook with FontBook 2.0. This app is available for iPad users through the iTunes App Store. The new version of this software has undated the original version and offers over 300 more font families. The importance of this app is that it allows designers and typography enthusiasts to have a vast amount of knowledge at their fingertips. People who use this app can look up the history and designers of various typefaces and find different typefaces used throughout the world. The app also allows users to interact with one another on the go and share information in the form of social networking. This app is interesting because designers now have access to all different typefaces at their fingertips and it’s all in one place. They can grab inspiration from things around them and easily find that represented in a typeface.


Matt Mansfield from SND is hoping that 2012 brings new and exciting things in the world of news design. His article takes a look at how news design has evolved with new technology and new ways of creating design. He also gives three tips for how designers can step out of the norm and expand their views of design. His tips for news design are to look for inspiration in places away from news design. To accomplish this new thinking, designers need to find inspiration beyond journalistic design, pick a place and study it for a week and build something that is outside your comfort zone. The combination of these three things will allow you to use all that you find and put it back into news design.



The Hartford Courant is often talked about for its creative newspaper designs. I liked this cover from the 2004 presidential election, because, like many HC covers, it has a clean and simple design. The front page focuses on the most important story of the say and dedicates the entire page to it. The page is overwhelmed by clashing colors or images. The bold image and headline capture the reader’s attention.

When I first saw the front page of today’s The National from UAE, I was instantly drawn to the design. The flag of the newspaper initially caught my attention with the bold sans serif typeface. Most newspapers take advantage of the plethora of serif typefaces, but I found it refreshing to see some sans serif thrown in the mix. It adds some simplicity to the page and makes the front page look clean. I also like how the designers have carried out the color palette throughout the paper. The rich navy color breaks up different sections of the paper, and the designer has also taken advantage of the gray scale.