What’s Next?

This article’s from a few years ago, but I think it’s an essential read to understand the current design landscape and who’s really pushing the envelope. It speaks to current issues in the field. Scott Goldman, president of Society for News Design, talks to the Columbia Journalism Review about how European papers are the ones really pushing and innovating in the field of design, as they have more resources to allocate.


And here’s an example of an exceptionally well-designed European paper.

The next article speaks to a very specific topic in print design, infographics. They can be used as a way to break up text, bring color and life to an article, or give a designer a chance to flex his or her muscles.

But, with what Ross Crooks, cofounder of the infographics firm Column Five, sees as “increasing web saturation” in media, what is the future of the infographic? The article explores how infographics are projected to develop across platforms to new media. It looks at interactive graphics, data visualization and user-interface graphics as tools media organizations can use to communicate the same ideas effectively, with an emphasis on visuals.


One publication who specializes in quality infographics is GOOD magazine. Take a look.