What’s Next?

The first article I found about a trend in newspapers that affects newspaper design is slightly outdated (mid-December), but it comes from my local paper and I found it very relevant.

Times Union buys new press, reaffirming commitment to print

I thought the most interesting thing about this story is not that a new press was bought, but that the printing press will allow the Times Union (Albany, N.Y. for those wondering) to print full-color newspaper. I’ve never really seen full-color papers, especially on such a local scale. And this could make the paper a designer’s destination job, with the ability to use color to his or her advantage on each and every page. Vibrant’s certainly a way to describe how the paper will look.

In addition, this article about the Bangor Daily News was on the front page of Poynter. The newspaper published a “progress edition,” highlighting local businesses and their successes. Sounds like free advertising, right? Well, not quite. there is small text at the top of the section noting that it’s a paid advertisement section. But the pages have bylines for Bangor Daily News writers. One has to wonder if the economy and downfall of newspaper played into a decision to be so risky and lax with letting readers know what is advertising and what is not. Certainly something that can hurt the newspaper’s credibility.

As far as innovative designs, I noticed this one from the Fayetteville Observer on Charles Apple’s blog the other day and really fell for it. In order to write a story on politicians using technology to get closer to voters, the designer incorporates technology into the design, using mock iPods and a mock iPad to form an American flag of sorts. Check out the page below:

Another innovative design I saw this week came from the San Diego Union-Tribune (or, I guess it’s called U-T San Diego now). The photo does it all here. But U-T San Diego’s typefaces are unique and visually appealing. Blowing up this photo to allow for its full effect also worked, even if the photo may be hard to look at for some. The fact that the San Diego Union-Tribune changed its look so recently is interesting as well. I think the new look is very fresh and has some flare to it. It looks like a newspaper that could cater to young people aesthetically.