What’s Next? Entertainment please.

A more colorful and illustrated newspaper will be hitting subscribers doorsteps in the next few years. Many newspapers have gone through mega redesigns, making their publications feel more like a newsmagazine while  still reading like a newspaper. From SND.org, newspapers need to make a visual statement, “black letter logos have to go. The NY Times got it first.” It’s the 10 things to do to make newspapers great all the time.

Pictures will soon dominate the front cover, from the logo to bottom of the page, it’s the enterntainment aspect of design viewers are craving. Here is one redesign from brasstacksdesign.com, where readers get a pictoral journey of the day’s paper as soon as they pick it up.

Another tactic designers are using to make newspapers more visually appealing is to lessen the amount of stories on the front pages and add visually enagaging images and illustrations on the cover. The German paper, der Freitag, has taken the concept of pictorial spreads and shortened the number of front page stories, earning a world wide recognition of their redesign on snd.org.

I think both of these publications are innovative because it breaks our idea of what a newspaper is supposed to look like. Taking a few more  photos and using more color, the new designs make the publications scream entertainment. The new visually appealing papers I believe will help keep the world of print alive. Newspapers are dying, but if more redesigns occur in this direction, I believe more younger generations will become subscribers.



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