Wired Tablet: Color

For feature articles, Wired uses black for headlines, I believe they use bold black to grab the reader then, grey for cutlines to tell the rest of the story but with less hierarchy and gives the eye a visual break which can also draw the reader in. The display text and body copy are black and are easy to read, but when the article is not a feature, sometimes a dark grey is used for type. Certain text is in grey boxes if it is not a feature with black text. Sometimes headlines for less important articles are in black “highlighted” boxes with white type and grey for the cutline to set it apart from the important content and give it an edgier feel.  Overall, the color is sleek and keeps the publication modern and clean. Black lines varying from thick to thin tell  the reader where to start. At the intro of a section a thick black bar may turn to a hairline to separate the sections of content.

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