Wired Tablet: Image

Wired uses image as a large photo on page one on the table of contents and then as the viewer scrolls to page two of the contents a column grid with stories each have both image cut outs and square photos embedded in the design. For the photos on the feature stories, the images take up proximately 8-10 of the columns in the 12 column grid. If an image is less important in an article, it may only take up three. Image is also used as info graphic design. Type alone is not used to create an image. The images take an active roll on the page since they interact with the content and are mostly tight shots unless they are taken in a spread that has a photo shoot. The shots that are cut out are usually circles but most of the images are square. The type is not placed directly on images unless the whole page is taken up by an image.  Multiple photos used for a single story and every story use an image. Illustrations are clean and not too cartoony by not using too may rounded lines keeping a modern feel. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5